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Discovering Africa: The Island of Sal, Cape Verde

Discovering Africa: The Island of Sal, Cape Verde

Located in the Atlantic Ocean, 5 hours and 30 minutes from Paris, south of the Canary Islands and 500 km west of the coast of Senegal, the archipelago of Cape Verde consists of ten islands offering visitors beautiful beaches of white sand and a diverse view of volcanic reliefs. Cape Verde is home to warm and friendly people who are glad to help tourists discover the peace and beauty of their paradise.

Cape Verde is one of the few tropical resorts absolutely safe and not invaded by mass tourism, and it offers a great range of activities for visitors. Sea and beach tourism, eco-tourism, water sports or mountains activities. Here everything is possible under the spell of the islands where peace and security prevail in an atmosphere marked by hospitality and cheerfulness of the island.

Originally called “Lhana”, because of its very flat landscape, the island later adopted its current name, after discovering that its water contained the largest amount of salt in the country. To date, Sal is reputed for the large quantities of salt exported between the 18th and the first half of the 20th century, to the coast of Africa and Brazil.

The Pedra de Lume saline (salt works), situated in the crater of an ancient volcano, are the best example, and this city is well worth a visit. Their only access is curious – via a tunnel that seems to separate two different worlds. The view is unique and the colour of the ground covered with salt that varies from turquoise blue, white and pink. However, this industry has been abandoned for so many years, and the island is now famous for its seaside tourism quality.

In the small town of Santa Maria, is a beach of the same name in the archipelago, the best known and most exploited resort. Situated at the edge of the beach 8km of golden sand, with warm sea all year round, are located the most important hotel units and the best in the country. Over the years, this place has gradually turned into a tourist destination, popular with visitors from around the world. The practice of most water sports is encouraged by the hotels that offer tourists to enjoy most of these ideal conditions. Lovers of windsurfing, diving and fishing there are a paradise and championships are frequently held, some even internationally, as in the case of windsurfing.

In Cape Verde, it is recommended to enjoy the ambience of a divine dinner in restaurants that overlook the beach. The Cape Verdean atmosphere is enhanced by groups of musicians, whose sounds lull visitors while they savour the gastronomic specialties, listening to the soothing waves.

In addition to these beautiful views, there are natural pools formed by large concave naturally carved in the rocks and constantly met by the breaking waves. These are safe for those who wish to swim and it is an ideal place for people of different origins. Between this place and the beach of Santa Maria, 2 km from the airport, is the small town of Espargos, the main urban center of the island. It seems guarded by the small hill Morro do Coral, where you can admire the Morro Pedra de Lume (which hides the salt) and Palmeira, a fishing village where the seaport of the island and a pool of feature lobsters. Overall, the experience of Sal is wonderful and self-satisfying.

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