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Flavours: The Building Blocks of Happiness

By Chanel Latrice

What is Happiness to you? The feeling you get from music that stirs the soul, kisses from your favorite person, the peace experienced on getaways, knowing those you love are doing well? Happiness means something different to everyone. But one thing that most people agree on, is that the parts of their lives that truly bring happiness usually don’t come with a price tag. Purchasing things and attaining more assets may bring temporary satisfaction – but we find that the “new” smell and the gloss of our newly acquired stuff eventually fades away. This is why there are people who have access to anything their hearts desire in the material world, yet they live in misery. Things do not bring us happiness. Appreciation of the beauty in ourselves and others, noticing the miracles experienced in life and awareness of our spiritual connection bring us happiness.  So when a person feels and says “I am not happy,” what they are truly saying is:

• I do not see beauty in myself.
• I find it difficult to recognize the beauty in others.
• I am not noticing the miracles occurring in my life.
• I am lacking a spiritual connection.

Take note of the Building Blocks of Happiness: 1) See how beautiful you are, 2) Recognize the beauty in others, 3) Notice the miracles occurring in your life, and 4) Recharge your spiritual connection.

See how all four sides of the foundation require a person to take responsibility for their own feelings first. Notice that none of the sides refers to anyone else bringing happiness to another person, but speaks of those things that an individual must accomplish on their own before being able to be happy with anyone else.

For anyone who has not been truly happy in quite some time, consider whether or not all four blocks of the foundation are there. Have you made the mistake of trying to supplement a missing block by expecting other people or things to make you happy… only to find at the end of the day that it still feels like something is missing? We can each take responsibility for generating our own happiness, and laying a strong foundation on which to build. Others in our lives can enhance our happiness, but it already has to be there first. It is often said, if you want something done right, do it yourself. The same applies to experiencing happiness in your life.

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