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Publisher’s Suite 8: Roll Up your Sleeves

Gradually we have edged into the second half of the year 2015. So many resolutions have been dumped along the way and many new plans have emerged. Individually and on a national scale, there’s been lots of happening that have shaped and remoulded our resolves. The hope is that in the final analysis, progress outweighs setbacks and the stage is set for the second base! At a time when change has become the rule rather than the exception, it is more crucial than ever that we remember our resolve to forger ahead!

In this edition, we xrayed the great things embracing change can bring to our lives. Nigeria’s newly elected President Muhammadu Buhari is a man who has become to many of us, a beacon of hope, believing that if he could change his military toga and transform to a celebrated democrat and we all saw it unveil in our very stare, we also could do it. We also dug into the archives to pay tribute to one of Nigeria and by extension Africa’s legendary MKO Abiola whose phenomenal work of philanthropy on the African continent still remains unrivalled years after his demise. When I met Bola Adeboye, his simplicity actually swept me off my feet, but as the interview progressed, I got awestruck by his brilliance and his never-say-die attitude to life and wondered if all of us could be like him, what a better place Nigeria would be! His passion for bringing up young entrepreneurs is unrivalled and funny enough, contagious. Loaded with the inspirational stories of Masai Ujiri, Liya Kebede and other great Africans, spiced with lots of entertainment stories and educative insights from various parts of Africa, this edition promises to be a bang!

We at GENESIS INTERNATIONAL are doing all our best to make the magazine the pride of Africa, as we launch more into online sales both locally and internationally promising you more interesting and inspirational stories to light up your day. We also are also striving to include more columns in making this magazine a truly family affair. We are pleased with the new direction and think you also will find it a welcome response to your many comments. Finally, my message is, you should roll up your sleeves, there’s lot to be done in getting to the next level. In this season of change, faith, inspiration and action is what will take you to the next level in your life and nationally. Its not time to complain, its time for belief, belief that you can do it.

Yomi Agbabiaka

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