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Cuisine Africana

Cuisine Africana: Ghana’s Banku with Okro Soup

Cuisine Africana: Ghana’s Banku with Okro Soup

Ghanaian dishes are mostly starchy staple foods which goes with either soup or stew(sauce) mainly protein chief amongst them being Banku. This is a staple food made out of fermented corn and with or without cassava dough. And okra soup is the sauce made of fresh vegetables, mainly okro, tomatoes,onions,pepper,red oil and assorted meats and fish( dried or fresh). It can be also be enjoyed with hot pepper and from experience, I can tell you, its a stunner. Its mostly eaten as lunch or dinner.


1 pound of Beef
1/2 pound of Wele (cow skin)
1/2 medium sized Salmon
1 pound chopped Okro
1 mediun tomato
1 large Onion
10 – 15 peppers (kpakpo shito)
3 or 4 Garden Eggs
1/2 cup Palm Oil
Corn Dough
Cassava Dough


  • Mix corn dough in water and knead.
  • Add cassava dough and finely mix.
  • Sieve the mixture to remove chaff.
  • Put on fire and gently stir mixture.
  • Stir harder when it thickens to avoid lumps.
  • Mould into a ball when achieved a fine paste like substance.

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